About Us


Bishop Emmanes Doxy

    Reverend Emmanes Doxy began his walk with Christ at the age of fifteen, one year after his mother had a tragic accident. He became a member of a non-denominational congregation in Haiti. Henceforth, he acquired the knowledge about God. He also studied with various Biblical schools and Churches while still in Haiti.
     When he came to The United States of America in 1977, he continued to pursue his relationship with The Lord. He became a member of The Church Of God where he studied the Bible for four years and acquired a diploma of accomplishment. He then spent about five years helping plant several churches in the Northern New Jersey Area. 

In 1991 he founded The Great Commission Ministry, a Church with a mission to proclaim from the LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST DeliveranceHealingLiberty and Power to the world and a learning center a Community based organization whose mission is to provide Educational Services to the community, ESL (English As a second Language) Basic reading & writing, Drug Education, Counseling and prevention.


Pastor Kettely Doxy

  As a young person I have come to know the Lord in my most important situations.  As an adolescent I taught myself the values and leadership skills needed to be a strong young woman in the church atmosphere.  I was not always the most reverent person, but I strived within  myself to be the best person I could with what the Lord had given me.  Now as a Pastor in The Great Commission Ministry Church, I can extend myself and branch out into places I never imagined possible.  It excites me to see everyone bask in the worshipping of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am especially  ecstatic with my young people.  I feel that as a role model and someone they can relate to and hopefully strive to become, that I can lead by example the ways of a Christian.  It is not necessarily the things that people see when I preach to my young people, but it is what is not seen, the tap on the shoulder and the personal counseling that helps them to remember where they came from, and how they need to become more responsible young adults, especially in a world where eleven year old children are getting guns and shooting people all because someone made fun of them in school because hey may look or act differently from what the “world” perceives as normal.

This “worldly” view is the source of many of the problems our young people face. And I as and educator, mentor, confidante, minister, and friend personally take on this responsibility with no mental or spiritual reservations. When I was very young I knew early in the process that educating was my ultimate goal.  I always had a way of  relaying my message to anyone I spoke to, be they young or old, any ethnic backgrounds. My experiences have taught me that being aware and understanding rather than instructing was the best route to a successful learning process. “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me Bless His Holy Name.” Psalm 103:1. This passage represents all that I am, and what I exemplify in my everyday life. I would not be complete without my faith. If it was not for the Love of God, I know that He would not wake me up every morning. If it was not for the Love of God, He would not enable me to convey my message everyday.